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What Is Knockerball?

The funniest and safest contact game which is sweeping the whole nation – participants strap inner the giant inflatable balls preserving them from their heads to below their knees, however leaving their limbs free to roll, flip, jump, run and most significantly bump their family, friends and other participants in endless laughs, fun and memories […]

Hot Off the KnockerBall Press, Good News Travels Fast!

Well here we are, literally 4 months into a major national rollout for KnockerBall and to say that the management team is pleased with the scaling of popularity and awareness of the brand is definitely an understatement. Let me be clear, even to this day, our fundamental goal is still to have the best quality […]

What it’s really like to play Knockerball!

Knockerball has made quite an impression since it has emerged here in the US and the popularity of the sport just keeps growing.  Knocerkball Charlotte has helped thousands of happy participants play bubble soccer for various events including birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events and team building events.  The result is always a fun, laugh out […]

Bubble soccer bounces onto the national stage!

Bubble soccer bounces onto the national stage. Players encased in their plastic “bubbles” enjoy an acrobatic five-on-five game of bubble soccer in Charlotte, NC. Bubble soccer is played in more than 20 countries and has professional leagues around the world. The ingredients: sneakers, a soccer ball… and a couple dozen inflatable “body bubbles.” It may sound […]



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